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6 Reasons to Go for Concrete Floor Overlays

Every homeowner wants to decorate their houses to make it more attractive and presentable, so that it will leave a lasting impression to their guests and visitors. The most common part of the house that homeowners try to improve is the flooring section.

You have many things to consider when you try to customize your flooring especially when it comes to the basement area, since it is huge. When you add an overlay, it will cause an increase to the height of the floor, and may require you to raise openings and purchase and install new doors. Furthermore, if your basement has stairs, increasing its floor height can lead to zoning violation and serve as basis for the denial of Certificate of Occupancy.

Sadly, you always have to deal with this issue when you try to apply hardwood or tile overlay on your floor, since they always add an extra inch. In this case, can you still customize your flooring without dealing with these hassles? Yes, you can. You can do this with the use of concrete basement floor overlay.

Concrete overlay or acid stain does not add much height. Usually, concrete overlays only add an extra height of less than 1/8th of an inch. In addition to that, you have a wide variety of decorative solutions to choose from. In case you are still having doubts, here are the top reasons on why you should try concrete overlays.

Top Reasons for Trying Concrete Overlays

1. Environment Friendly: Unlike other decorative flooring solutions, that contain hazardous chemicals, concrete overlays is 100% green. It uses water-based dyes and its sealers are non-hazardous.

2. Do It Yourself: Applying concrete overlay is very easy. In fact, you can do it all by yourself and still deliver satisfying results. Furthermore, decorative concrete solutions are widely available and you can buy them easily at your local stores at an affordable price.

3. Thinness: As mentioned earlier, concrete basement floor overlays do not add much height. The overlay is less than 1/8 in thickness. Therefore, this decorative solution will save you from the trouble of changing doors, and raising the openings of your house, which in turn saves you time and money.

4. Durability: Concrete overlay is one of the most durable flooring solutions for you. It creates strong bonds and produces a rock hard finish. Most restaurants and grocery stores prefer concrete overlays because of its durability.

5. Moisture Resistant: One of the excellent features of concrete overlays is its resistance to moisture. In fact, it can survive flooding unlike its hardwood counterparts. The decorative solution is breathable and porous, enabling moisture vapors to pass through.

6. Customizable: Concrete floorings are available in various colors. You can also design your own floor patterns with the use stencils and tapes. One of the main advantages of using concrete overlays is the ability to control the color. Concrete overlays are one of the most appropriate decorative solutions for concrete basement floor. It is environment-friendly, durable, easy to apply, and affordable, allowing to save you time and money.

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